Is Your Blog Easy To Read?

Do you have a blog for your business? Blogging can be a great way to position yourself as an authority, to share free content, and so much more.

But too often I come across blogs in the fiber arts space with one major issue.

They’re hard to read.

I don’t mean that the content is bad, what I mean is that the page itself is actually difficult to read… because it’s formatted incorrectly, or cluttered up with ads, or difficult to navigate.

This issue can cost you major traffic (not to mention brand brownie-points)… not many people have the patience to wade through frustration just to get to a small piece of content they were looking for.

So how do you know if your blog is a culprit? And what do you do about it?

Let’s take a look at how to tell if your blog is hard to read first

adolescent, adult, beautifulThe best way to find out if your blog is hard to read is to buddy up! Take a friend, or family member, (preferably one who doesn’t see your blog all the time) and open up your home page. Let them look around a bit, and then give them a list of places to navigate.

Ask them to find the contact page, the about page, or a particular blog post. Ask them to read a blog post, and maybe leave a comment.

Then ask them about their experience. Was it easy to find what you asked them to find? Did they enjoy the process? Were there any popups or ads or glitches that got in their way? Were they able to read the entire post comfortably?

Getting an outside view can help you see things you may have trouble noticing yourself. Make sure the person you pick knows you’re looking for honest feedback, and constructive criticism!

Once you’ve gotten a few people to view your site critically, you can determine if you need to change anything… and what you should change.

blogging, blur, businessRemember, you want your visitors to have a great experience on your blog! When and if you change things, make sure you follow these few rules:

#1 – Navigation should be prominent, easy to read/reach, and uncluttered. Keep it simple, and make sure you know where you want people to go. If you want them to go to your shop, put that menu item first. If you want them to join your Facebook group, make sure that’s clear. Intention is everything!

#2 – Be creative in ad placement. Ads inline with content have been performing really well, as opposed to ads that bombard visitors from left, right, top, and bottom at the same time. (Those just frustrate people and make them want to leave.)

#3 – Take care with your content. Your actual blog posts should be easy and enjoyable to read! Use a sans-serif font, make sure it’s big enough to read comfortably, and don’t use light colors for your text. Watch where and how you display your images, making sure they add to the experience and don’t take away from the text.

#4 – Be specific with your sidebar. Sidebars are useful, if setup properly. Make sure you direct people where you want them to go. Use color, outlines, arrows, or other visual aids to draw your visitors’ attention.

And remember, creating an amazing blog experience is an ongoing process! Check in with your site regularly to make sure you’re always providing the best experience for your visitors.

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