How To Get Paid Every Time You Pick Up Your Hook...

Unlock This LIVE Interactive Workshop And 

Get 6 Money Making Classes

How To Price Your Work

Stop losing money when you're selling, and always get what you're worth!

What To Sell + How To Sell It

Remove the awkwardness from asking for money, and get paid for every order.

How To Guarantee Satisfaction

How to make sure your clients love it before you deliver.

Standard Business Practices

Create a schedule that allows flexibility, and maximum work time!

How To Manage Your Money

What you should, and should not, be doing with your money.

Schedule + Templates

From orders, client communications, and follow-up sequences, we've got you covered.

I Know This Will Work Because I’ve Done It.
As a Crocheter I’ve…

  • Built a successful business making as much as I would working a full time job.
  • Created a business I was passionate about and excited to work on every day.
  • Shared my love of crochet with the world... and I got paid for it!

Here's What I Know This Course Can Do For You:

  • Show you how to price your work so you can remove awkwardness, overcome objections, and get paid what you're worth.
  • Teach you how to transition from a "hobbyist" to a professional and finally start calling your passion your business.
  • Help you tame social media and get the most out of your online presence (make more sales!) so you're not wasting time.
  • Show you the best way to develop a competitive edge to stand out amongst other shops.

What You Get With This Workshop:

This workshop will walk you through Salena's system for a profitable, successful crochet business!

  • LIVE Workshop setting with access to Salena Baca directly.
  • YOU will be helping us make this course even better!
  • Housed in a private, workshop-members-only Facebook group, where you'll have access to the course materials and Salena!
  • plus
    6 Weeks of Live classes, and 9 weeks to take advantage of the course materials! (After which, you can rollover your course into the Academy if you'd like.)
  • plus
    Help me build this course, and I'll help you build your crochet career! We do not have plans to host this class again live, so don't miss this private workshop...

I'll just say it was a great course, I feel I have learned a lot and Salena you did help me, I felt you were really concerned with us grasping the content and wanted us to succeed... I would love to follow you and attend future courses! :)

Karen Heenan


But hurry! The Workshop starts Monday, May 7th, and we'll be closing registration then so we can get started.

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This course will teach the age-old marketing method of “know, like, and trust” where you have an invested audience that knows, likes, and trusts you – which makes it far easier to sell a product! In the age of social media, we MUST learn how to do translate this into our online spaces so that our businesses can grow and be successful.