Creating a Craft Space

How to Give Your Craft a Space to Thrive!

As soon as I realized that crafting was going to be a lifelong passion, I started looking at how I could both display and organize all of the accoutrement that goes along with being obsessed (healthily of course!) with crafting…

There’s the yarn for starters and then all of the crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarn needles, stitch markers, scissors, safety eyes, buttons… you get the idea!

When I started thinking about organizing all of it, I wanted to make sure whatever I setup filled two requirements:

  1. It displayed the yarn in a way that was not only organized, but appealing to the eye.
  2. Everything was in one general location, for easy access.

When you think about creating your own craft space, I would recommend that you ask yourself a few questions first:

How much room do I have?

Obviously, you have to work within your own constraints! Start by mapping out the area you have available. Do you have a whole room? A large wall? A small desk area? Take out a piece of paper and sketch out the layout of your available space so you can try different ideas and arrangements later.

What elements are important to me?

For most fiber crafters, yarn storage is first on the list. But after that, what else do you need? Do you work with a lot of notions and extras or do you also do a bit of sewing or another craft? Take stock of your supplies and brainstorm the best way to organize and access them. Make a list of the extra elements you’ll need to store all of your supplies and notions. For me, I needed a way to store/display my handmade crochet hooks, as well as a medium amount of other miscellaneous supplies. I opted to leave an area on my yarn wall free for these items as well as a small wall mounted set of drawers for any spill-over!

How will I store my yarn?

There are so many different ways to store and/or display your yarn stash! I opted for a yarn wall, a pegboard wall that I could display my yarn on. Some people go for shelving, cabinets, plastic boxes, baskets, etc. (Pinterest is a great resource for stash organizing ideas.) Depending on the size of your stash, you may have to display some and store the rest! If you can’t decide, make photocopies of your space sketch and try a few things out.

How will I make the space comfortable and easy to use?

Depending on the area you have available, you may or may not actually sit in your craft space to use it. For some, a storage area is all they have and there is not a place to actually work. For others, you’ll have room to actually create in the same space where you store your supplies. If this applies to you, take a look at the workspace you’re allotting and what type of seating you can use. You want to make sure the area you have setup to work in is comfortable and as spacious as possible. I opted for a shelf mounted at desk level to work on and a cushy, vintage-style chair. This allows me to sit right underneath my yarn wall to work!

How will I make the space appealing to the eye?

Lastly, take a look at your final sketch… how can you introduce elements of decoration, personalization, etc. Will you hang any artwork or pictures? Can you select pretty storage for your supplies? Are any of your supplies pretty enough to display on their own? Again, depending on the area you have available, this may be a feature section of your house! Make sure you enjoy looking at it, even when you’re not working in it.

I hope those questions help when you’re putting together you’re own craft space! I’ve found that having a dedicated area to work has not only made it more fun, but it creates less friction when it’s time for me to sit down and write a pattern… I can now not only have a space to create with ease, but I can leave projects out without feeling like I need to clean up every time I’m done working.

This means that I spend less time rearranging my supplies and space, and more time writing patterns!

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