Feature Friday: Stephanie from Knits With Wit

I recently got a chance to chat with an awesome yarnpreneur, Stephanie from Knits with Wit! I asked her a few questions about being a yarnpreneur… read on to learn more about her and her journey!

JM: How did you get started as a yarnpreneur?

SK: I have been in love with knitting ever since I struggled through and finished my first scarf from a cheap-y “learn how to knit kit” that someone gave to me as a gift. At a certain point, following patterns wasn’t getting me the results I wanted, so I was making heavy modifications to everything I knit. In March of 2017, I took a “how to design knitwear” challenge on a total whim. I continued on and took a course in pattern writing, and I’ve been knitting my own designs ever since!

JM: What was your biggest struggle when you first started?

SK: My biggest struggle is probably getting myself out there and marketing in general. I’m very introverted, so it’s a challenge to keep up with the strategies I’ve learned – but I’m determined!

JM: What is your favorite part of being a yarnpreneur?

SK: My favorite part of being a Yarnpreneur (besides being able to consider playing with yarn not just a hobby) is the community. I just love all the people I’ve interacted with in the fiber community. It is the most supportive, helpful group of people around!

JM: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get started as a yarnpreneur?

SK: My advice for anyone who wants to be a yarnpreneur is… go for it! You don’t have to put your dreams on hold or wait until everything is “perfect.” Find yourself a support system (like The Yarnpreneur Society!) and let your creativity fly!

Stephanie, thank you for sharing your story with us!

If you’d like to learn more about what Stephanie is doing, check her out here!

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