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I was searching for something to help rekindle my passion for my business and yarn. I stumbled across The Yarnpreneur Society and have received so much more than I could ever imagine. The classes are informative; the passion and energy for what we do is phenomenal but it is the business relationships and friendships that make YPS the more I was seeking!

Liz Roeth

What You Get As An Academy Member

How we help you build a successful business you love with our tools and resources:


Weekly Modules with New Lessons Inside

Each module only takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.

The Academy is built on the 12 course Success Path, a system that will give you all the education you'll need to be a successful yarnpreneur. 

The 12 Success Path courses (your blueprint) are broken down into weekly modules that all Academy members work through together.


Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

You're not working solo, you have partners.

As yarnpreneurs AND solopreneurs (usually) we have trouble keeping ourselves accountable. Well since we're in this together, we want you to take advantage of that.

Join in on the weekly accountability discussions where we set goals, share wins, and cheer each other on as we help each other out!


Bi-Monthly LIVE Community Coaching Calls

Sometimes you just need an answer to YOUR question.

For those times when you need personalized, tailored, advice for your unique business, our coaching calls are there to help.

Every other week Jess takes an in-depth look at one member's business and question. The coaching calls are recorded live, for the benefit of the whole community.


Quarterly Goal Setting Fiestas

Gotta get those goals!

Goals are important, but what's even more important is turning them into ACTION!

Each quarter we have a goal setting fiesta, where we all get together and share our goals... and how we're going to achieve them. Then, we can all follow up in the weekly accountability sessions to stay on track!

Quick Reality Check:

I will not just be telling you what to post on Facebook... this program goes WAY deeper than that. The Academy is built for yarnpreneurs who are serious about building their businesses. You will still have to work hard, and we will not hold your hand.

We will, however, support you, encourage you, and cheer you on. You will never be alone!

But That's Not All! Here's Everything Members Have Access To:


Quarterly Master Course Releases

Members get discounted access to the Master Courses, created by industry experts!


Quarterly Goal Setting Fiestas

Each quarter we get together and turn our goals into action plans!

Monthly Success Path Courses

Each Success Path course is a step in the blueprint to success!


Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions

Coaching tailored to YOU and your UNIQUE business.

Weekly LIVE Q+A Calls

These calls, conducted in the Facebook group, give us a chance to dive into that week's module.

Weekly Module Releases

Every week you get a new module, with new lessons inside.

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

Join us in the accountability chat each week to share your goals and wins!


Daily Support - Whenever You Need It!

We're not only a supportive community, we're a supportive company. Email us anytime, or use the chat window on the member site to get faster feedback!

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