One Thing You Should Be Doing to Boost Your Facebook Reach

Everyone tells you you should be on Facebook if you want to grow your business. So you create a Facebook business page, start posting, and… nothing. Crickets.

Does this sound familiar? It might. Many yarnpreneurs have trouble with their Facebook pages.

But why? It seems pretty simple. You have fans of your page. They should see your posts right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Facebook’s algorithms can be quite tricky, and complicated.

Facebook BoostYou see, Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook. And they want them to have a good time interacting with their friends. In fact, that’s their business… friendship!

So then why are people always saying Facebook is the place to be for business? Because (if you do it right) it is!

I’ve know businesses that have doubled their sales and then doubled them again… all with Facebook.

The key is: reach. Reach is simple, it’s the amount of people your post reaches, the amount of people that actually see your post.

Remember those algorithms? Well they determine the reach of a particular post. They don’t show your posts to every fan of your page, but they do show them to certain people based on certain factors.

So I’m going to let you in on a secret to boost your reach:

The single biggest thing you can do for the growth, health, and success of your Facebook business page is this: post regularly, and often.

That’s it!

It’s actually quite simple. Your Facebook reach can grow like a snowball just by posting regularly and often. The sweet spot for other yarnpreneurs seems to be 7-10 posts a day, 7 days a week.

Now, that might seem like a lot, but you’ll wind up getting into a groove and you’ll find your reach just soaring!

Bonus Tip!

Check your insights each week and keep track of your reach. Watch those numbers climb as you post more often and regularly!

Social media is an important part of any yarnpreneur’s marketing strategy. So take the guess work out and start boosting your reach today!

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