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Take The Guesswork Out Of Building Your Business...


Our proprietary Success Path gives you a Blueprint to success. (See what I did there?) Our 12 course program walks you through everything you need to build the foundation of your business and beyond!


Academy members go through one course at a time. We're all working on the same thing together, which means you're not learning 100 things at once! We believe education is useless without action, so we give you plenty of time to put what you're learning into practice.


At the Academy, we're a community. We connect in the Facebook group and I'm there every weekday checking in... helping members out wherever they need it!


See All the Value The Success Path Blueprint Brings

12 Courses that will help you build your successful business

Get Your Branding Right

Your brand is your story. There are so many elements that go into branding successfully, learn them all with this course!

Setup A Creative Process

Creatives need systems more than anyone! Learn how to harness your creative potential without getting distracted by shiny-object-syndrome.

Build A Website That Converts

The success of your business can depend on your ability to convert your website visitors into customers! Learn the essential elements of a successful website with this course.

Learn How To Be Productive At Admin Work

Us creatives usually hate the admin site of our businesses. But the truth is, it's a necessary evil for success! Learn how to find the right productivity techniques for you with this course.

Build A Successful Business Strategy

Do you know where you want to go with your business? Do you know how you'll get there? A strategy is essential to sticking to your Success Path!

Learn How To Market Your Business

Marketing to our market is very different than most marketing. Learn to understand the fundamentals of marketing to fiber artists with this course!

Create a Social Media Strategy

Understanding what social media can do for your business (and what it cannot) is essential!

Learn Sales Techniques

Sales can often feel "icky", but mastering selling techniques can completely change your business outlook!

Learn The Ins + Outs Of Commissioned Work

Commissions and collaborations have immense value for brand recognition, authority-building, and more!

Set Yourself Up For Financial Success

Understanding your business finances can be overwhelming. Learn how to prepare yourself for financial success so you can utilize it to the fullest!

Prevent Burnout With Self-Care Techniques

Your business is important, but so are YOU. Learn to prevent burnout and keep your business and yourself healthy.

Learn To Scale With Processes

The fastest way to growth is through processes! Learn how to create systems so your business can grow exponentially.

About the Founder

Hi, I'm Jess, the Founder of The Yarnpreneur Society + Academy. I've been an entrepreneur all my adult life, and a yarnpreneur for almost as long. A few years ago, (when trying to build my own pattern business) I realized there weren't any good comprehensive resources for yarnpreneurs. I immediately set out to change that.

I've spent the last 2 years creating a place for yarnpreneurs to get quality education that would help them build the foundation for a business they loved and could rely on.

I don't think you need anything fancy to build a successful business. But I do believe you need good education, topped with a mindset for taking action.

I've built the Academy on my belief that education is useless with action, and I've reached out to experts in the community to help me create the best educational resources for yarnpreneurs out there.

The only thing left is for you to take action!

Join The Academy And You'll Get:

Access to the 12 course Success Path Blueprint, not offered anywhere else!

Accountability whenever you need it, in our Facebook Community!

Get your questions answered with twice monthly Expert Q+As!

Access to the quarterly goal setting fiesta, where members set goals for the upcoming quarter together!


Is The Academy Right For You?

The Academy is for yarnpreneurs looking to build a successful business that they love... is that you?

Who this iS for

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    Yarnpreneurs looking to build a business they can actually draw a paycheck from.
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    Yarnpreneurs looking to turn their passion into their paycheck.​​​​
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    Yarnpreneurs willing to put in the hard work and action needed to build a successful business.

Who THIS IS not for

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    Hobbyists that love their craft, but don't want to build a business.
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    People who aren't ready to put in the effort and time it takes to build a successful business.
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    People who just "want to learn". Learning isn't enough... you must be ready to take action!
Feel More Confident In Your Business Skills...

Try the Academy risk free for 30 days and if you don't feel more confident in your business skills just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.


PLUS, Get All These Bonuses!

Discounted Access to Master Courses Taught By Industry Experts

Every quarter a new Master Course is released, and only members get 50% off the public enrollment price! (Normally $99)


Free Access To The Golden Circle Course

This foundational course is normally sold for $9, but Academy members get access for free!

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  • A new Success Path course every month
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    More Confidence In Your Business!

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Foundational Instagram Strategies

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This course will teach the age-old marketing method of “know, like, and trust” where you have an invested audience that knows, likes, and trusts you – which makes it far easier to sell a product! In the age of social media, we MUST learn how to do translate this into our online spaces so that our businesses can grow and be successful.