What Does Success Look Like For You?

One of the biggest things I find that can trip yarnpreneurs up is success. Even just the word can evoke feelings of inadequacy and goals unreached.

So I like to dive into this topic and try and approach it from another angle to help yarnpreneurs tackle the myriad of emotions that can come along with this word.

Oftentimes, we measure our success next to another’s success. We use the comparison game to try and see if we measure up. And usually, we don’t, because the people we’re comparing ourselves to have a different definition of success.

You see, there is more than one definition of success. In fact, I would argue that every yarnpreneur’s version of success is unique.

For example, I consider myself successful because I am making a living doing what I love. That was all I ever wanted when I entered the workplace, and I have accomplished that, so from my viewpoint, I am successful!

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, there are still goals and dreams that I have that I was to accomplish, but what it all boils down to is a deep sense of satisfaction and success in what I have accomplished in my career so far.

Beyond that basic measure of success for me, there’s my why.

My why is the reason I get out of bed and work my butt off to build a business… I want to make the lives and businesses of yarnpreneurs all around the world easier and more successful.

Everything I do for The Yarnpreneur Society, for this blog, for the Facebook groups, for our social media platforms, is to achieve that end. And because my why is so closely tied to my personal definition of success, I can rest assured that all of my work helps me reach my goals and achieve my dreams.

So let’s think about this on an even deeper level.

How do you find YOUR definition of success?

Again, success is personal. And I advocate for a few things:

  • Take a holistic approach. Go for a bird’s eye view. Don’t go small!
  • Ask yourself what you’re passionate about. What would you do every day of your life even if you weren’t getting paid?

Come up with a definition of success that feels good to you. You should feel proud of it, like you want to share it with the world!

Once you have YOUR definition of success, you can do a few things: you can stop comparing your success to others’ success. You can stop worrying about if you’re successful or not.

The beauty of having your personal success definition is that no one can tell you it’s wrong… and no one has to agree! You can be confident knowing that your definition passed YOUR tests and meets YOUR standards, which is all that really matters anyway.

And if you come up with a definition that you haven’t achieved yet, do me a favor and knock out any negative or self-limiting thoughts. Don’t put yourself down because you haven’t yet achieved success. Don’t let it hang over your head.

Working for your success can be a rewarding, grueling, amazing path… enjoy the journey!

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