What is Engagement Anyway?

So you’ve got your Facebook business page and you’re posting regularly and often. And you keep hearing that you need more engagement on your posts… what does that even mean?

First, let’s define why engagement is important.

Engagement is one of the ways you can boost your reach and grow your Facebook business page.

Engagement is also important from a psychological standpoint. When people engage with your posts, that can indicate that they’re more open to your products or services. It’s a micro-interaction that can more easily lead to sales.

So now that we know why it’s important, let’s define it.

Engagement is actually really simple. It’s likes, loves, laughs, etc on your posts, as well as comments and shares.

Shares are great because they really boost your reach. Shares allow your post to be seen by people that were not necessarily in your audience to begin with, because someone shared it with their friends.

Bonus Tip

Include a call to action in your posts! Ask people to engage, and you’ll most likely get more engagement.

Again, you want engagement because it means that not only are people looking/listening to what you’re sharing, but it means they’re interested enough to actually engage, a.k.a., do something.

So many people just scroll endlessly on Facebook without engaging… our goal here is to get them to stop and want to take action.

So how do we cultivate engagement on our pages?

The easiest way to encourage engagement is to be a person.

Yup! You heard me! Talk to your audience like they’re your friend. Actually, don’t even think of them as “your audience”, a mass of people that like your page. Think of them as Katie, that girl at knit night that you like to share things with.

See? Big difference in what you’d tell Katie right?

Again, Facebook is in the business of friendship. Their algorithms want to share things friends would share with each other!

So never talk sales-y, or cheesy, or in-authentic. Not only will your audience pick up on it, but Facebook will.

You can boost your engagement simply by talking like you would to a friend. People will pick up on this and naturally want to engage.

And as more and more people engage with your posts, you’ll see your reach grow, and most likely your sales!

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