What To Blog About When You Don’t Know What To Say

We’ve all been there. You sit down to write an amazing blog post and all of a sudden, you have no clue where to even start. The page is just blank and you have no clue how to fill it. For seasoned writers and those who are just starting a blog, it’s certainly a problem you’ll encounter. So what can you blog about when you really don’t know what to say?

For many, this is where content marketing efforts end. It becomes too overwhelming on top of other responsibilities of a small business owner, that it can become a project you’ll pursue less and less. However, it’s an efficient way to reach your audience and build your brand, resulting in more sales for you!

Let’s make it easy. Here are a few places to start when you run out of ideas for your blog.

Start With A Strategy

You wouldn’t drive to someplace unknown without a map, right? The same goes for your blog content. By creating a content strategy, you’ll have a starting point when it comes to ideas. Start with the main idea, what do you wish to accomplish with each blog post? This can help you figure out what call-to-action you need to include. Is it building your brand? Is it creating more sales? This is a great first step to take.

Next, you’ll want to determine how often you want to post. Most people running a small business find it best to start with every other week, though if you can manage, I suggest once a week for the most ROI.

Finally, break down what topic categories your blog will focus on. This will be the place to start when you get stuck. I suggest at least 5 categories to get started and you can always add more if you’re feeling inspired!

Look At Keywords

To make the most of your content marketing efforts, you must focus on your search engine optimization, or SEO. In short, this will help you get found by those who are searching for your products. A great place to start your SEO efforts is by looking up relevant keywords to your business. There are plenty of tools out there, such as Moz or SEMrush, that you can use to easily generate keywords related to your business or topic. However, if you don’t have the budget for that at this time, you can use google to discover what keywords you may want to use. Start typing a few into search and see what comes up. Generally, you’ll want to shoot for the longer keywords instead of the shorter ones to help visibility. Look at related searches on the bottom of the page to discover what else is being searched for.

Keyword research can be a messy process! I always encourage people to make a mind-map of their topics. Starting with one central topic and creating branches based on the keywords you discover. Soon enough, you’ll have enough ideas to keep your blog busy for months!

Focus On Events

If you participate in events or markets, this is great material to write about if you’re at a loss. Readers love to hear a behind-the-scenes account of an event and it helps to connect you to the reader.

Don’t limit yourself to markets. Maybe there’s a yarn meetup or conference in your area. Take a lot of photos and write about your experience. I recently traveled to the Pacific Northwest and made a stop at a few local yarn shops. I decided to write about them on my blog and give people a look at what I was doing, even when I wasn’t selling!

Accept Guest Posts

Guest Posts are a great way to not only build content on your blog but support your maker community. Guest writers provide additional insight that not only helps enhance your brand but theirs as well, so it’s truly a win-win situation. Additionally, guest writers are more eager to share the content they write for your blog with their network on social media and any email communications, allowing more exposure of your content.

Before you start accepting guest posts on your blog, make sure you have a few guidelines for authors to follow. This can include any topics you’d like them to focus on, word count or important keywords.

Feature New Products

If you’ve created something new, share it on your blog! Your fans are excited to learn about what new products you’re offering and how they can get the inside scoop. Talk about your creative process in developing the new products as well as when it will be available for purchase. These type of posts are more of a direct sell to your reader but is sure to generate attention around your work.

Talk About YOU

At the heart of it, your business is about YOU. That’s why people choose to shop small; they are forming a connection not just with a product they love but a person as well. If you find yourself coming up short on content ideas, it might be time to give your fans a look at your life behind the yarn. Did you recently have a major life event such as a wedding, new baby or a long vacation? Write about it! Meet the maker posts are always enjoyable for readers as well. A behind-the-scenes look is always appreciated by your audience.

Of course, there are endless possibilities when it comes to blogging for your business. Are there any you’d like to add? Share with us in the comments below!


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