Yarnpreneur Profile – Rohn Strong

His Website: www.rohnstrong.com

His Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/designers/rohn-strong

JM: Tell us a bit about your business.

RS: I design knit and crochet patterns. Write books. Teach online and in person. If it involves yarn…I’m all about it.

JM: Why did you start your business?

RS: I like to say I am a professional yarn hoarder. I just love yarn more than most people. So, I wanted to turn my love of yarn and all things crafty into a business. I started teaching people how to knit/crochet then I moved onto opening an Etsy shop. From there I transitioned to designing and have been doing that from then on.

JM: What is your favorite thing about being a yarnpreneur™?

RS: I would say getting to be my own boss. Or making my own schedule. The truth is, however, I love being able to share my creativity with as many people as I can on a daily basis. Being a yarnpreneur means being able to show that yarn is not just what I love but also what I love to do.

JM:  What is your least favorite thing about being a yarnpreneur™?

RS: Honestly, the inconsistency in pay. You have to really learn to live in those months where its famine as opposed to feast. I always make sure I have at least 3 months of bills paid in advance.

JM: What would you tell (or what advice would you give) someone that wants to be a yarnpreneur™?

RS: Make sure all of your ducks are in a row all the time. Work hard. As hard as you possibly can. Make sacrifices. Do your best work all the time. I know that’s a lot of advice but I needed to hear it when I first started.

JM: What do you wish you had done differently when you first started your business?

RS: I wish I would have asked more questions and allowed myself to make the mistakes I needed to make. I’ve learned a lot, BUT those lessons were learned through a lot of trial and error. Some of that could have been saved if I had just spoken up.

JM: What’s next for you and your business?

RS: I’m working diligently on building my brand. It is what’s most important to me. I want to expand and grow. I’m a little behind the ball, as it were. I focused on designing for SO long that I didn’t focus on marketing. That was a mistake.So…that’s what I’m focusing on. Especially with my new book coming out and some of my online classes. I want to share it. It’s not about making money. It’s never been about that. It is just about sharing my love of knitting and crochet with as many people as I can.

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